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Flood Detector (MCT-550)

The MCT-550 is a fully supervised wireless flood detector compatible with PowerMax™ and other Visonic PowerCode™ wireless systems. It is designed to detect the presence of water in basements, yachts and many others residential and commercial applications, providing early warning of developing floods.

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In default mode, the MCT-550 transmits each flood alert message a single time. However, users may program the detector to repeat the alert every three minutes until the device is reset.

To ensure secure communication, transmissions use a PowerCode™ 24-bit ID command code, which is selected from 16 million possible combinations and is therefore unique and virtually impossible to accidentally reproduce. A smart anti-collision algorithm prevents signal jamming by simultaneous transmissions from multiple devices.

The MCT-550 transmits supervisory reports, including battery condition, to the wireless control panel or receiver at regular intervals – ensuring system integrity and functionality at all times.

The easily installed MCT-550 wireless flood detector is available in various frequency bands according to international standards, and is approved for use in most countries.

MCT-550 Features:

  • Detects water at ground level.
  • Ideal for basements, yachts and holiday houses.
  • Easy installation: includes a 3m (10ft) sensor cable for high positioning of the transmitter.
  • Fully supervised.
  • Over 16 million possible code combinations.
  • Smart anti-collision algorithm supports multiple simultaneous transmissions.
  • 3 Volt standard Lithium battery.
  • Compatible with PowerMax™ and other Visonic PowerCode™ wireless systems.



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