Powermax Alarms

Without doubt the PowerMax wireless alarm system is the most sophisticated fully supervised wireless alarm system on the market at present.  In its basic set up it is a secure and reliable alarm system, and the Quick-fit kits can be installed in less than 2 hours.

The Powermax systems have a host of features, some of which are listed below.

28 wireless zones - each zone is assigned a number and name.  Each zone can be set as one of 12 types - refer to the installation manual for the zone types.  Note:  the Powermax Pro and the Powermax Plus have 2 hard-wired zones available.  The Powermax Complete can be fitted with an expander to give two hard-wired zones and connection for a hard-wired sounder.

Multiple arming modes - the system can be armed in several different modes:

AWAY - when the property is empty
HOME - when the property is occupied, or partially so.
AWAY INSTANT - as AWAY but without the timed exit. E.g the property can be armed/disarmed from outside the property.
HOME INSTANT - as HOME but without the timed exit.
LATCHKEY - this mode is used to confirm that a user, e.g. children coming home, has disarmed the system.  When the system is disarmed a message is sent via the speech dialler.

Built in speech dialler - the integral speech dialler connects easily to a PSTN (landline) telephone point.  The dialler will dial out to up to 4 private telephone numbers and deliver a user-recorded message.  In addition to the event reporting, the control panel can be dialled into from a remote telephone and functions such as arming/disarming, checking system status, can be performed.  For the full list of commands refer to the user guide.  If the optional GSM module is installed, the system can report events and execute commands using SMS messages.

LCD Display - plain english status and prompts are clearly displayed on the control panel.

Voice announcements - if enabled, status dependent pre-recorded messages are heard from the built-in loudspeaker.  Note:  The Powermax Express doe not have voice prompts.

Message Exchange - messages can be left on the system which can be played when a user unsets the alarm.

Wireless control - full control of the system can be achieved using the wireless keypad (MKP-150).  Major functions can be carried out using the remote keyfobs (MCT-234 for the Powermax Plus and/or MCT-237 for the Complete and Pro panels).

Electrical device control - lights and electrical appliances can be controlled if optional X-10 modules are installed.  X-10 is only available on the Plus and Pro models.

PGM Remote Control - a programmable (PGM) output can be used to control courtesy lights, garage doors etc.

Activity Monitor - the system can be programmed to monitor the protected area for activity.  For example if an elderly person remains still for too long then a message can be sent.

Distress Calls - there are several miniature pushbutton treansmitters which may be used for sending emergency calls.






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