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PowerMaster PG2 (868-1 UK)

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PowerMaster PG2 (868-1 UK)
Powermaster, also known as PowerG and PG2 is Visonic's patent-pending, revolutionary wireless technology for burglar alarm systems. It redefines the reliability of wireless intrusion alarms. And, it fully answers the most demanding needs and requirements facing the security industry today, as well as the challenges of tomorrow.

The Powermaster equipment uses PowerG technology which gives a greater wireless range, increased reliability and increased battery life.

The range comprises three control panels - the PowerMaster 10, for smaller installations and the PowerMaster 30 and 33, for larger installations. The PowerMaster 33 does not have the on-board keypad and is programmed and operated via a remote keypad (RKP). There is a comprehensive range of detectors and devices which can be used with the PowerMaster panels. The detectors and devices available are similar to the standard Powermax range, however the standard Powermax detectors and devices cannot be used with the PowerMaster system. All the compatible devices are in this section and are designated as PG2 devices. All the equipment uses the preferred 868MHz frequency band.

Also note that the PowerMaster systems are country specific. All the control panels and devices we supply are UK specific and operate on 868MHz. UK Control Panels are labelled 868-1:ANY which means that they are compatible with any devices having the 868-1: prefix.

One of the big advantages with the PowerMaster system ids the true 2-way capability. Each device on the system has a device type code which is recognised by the control panel and as such the control panel knows what parameters are associated with the device. For example the UK MC-302 E magnetic contact is labelled (868-1:010) where the '010' is the device type. When this is enrolled onto the control panel the device parameters allow the reed switch to be enabled/disabled, the auxiliary input to be enabled/disabled and the LED indication to be enabled/disabled. other device types will have parameters associated with that device selectable. All the above is carried out at the control panel.

The PowerMaster system can be remotely self monitored via the Visonic-GO App for android and I-Os. In order to achieve the monitoring, the system has to be connected through a remote PowerManage server. The system can connect to the PowerManage server using the GSM/GPRS module or the Powerlink 3 broadband module. The GSM/GPRS module requires a SIM card and the Powerlink 3 requires a network cable into a spare router port. There is an annual charge for this - currently £39 per year.



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